Why Q MINDshare - Count 5

q.MINDshare (“q”) is a neuroscience-based Training Reinforcement Software that improves retention and accelerates training ROI.

The q Training Reinforcement Software enables you to improve the rate and depth of understanding for your sales, service and other customer-facing employees. It’s ideal for rolling out information on new products, services and policies/procedures.

Q improves knowledge retention and accuracy

q improves knowledge retention and accuracy to over 90 percent, meaning your sales and service reps will consistently and confidently say and do the right things at the right time while on calls! With q, this is your new reality. Imagine your results now.

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“q is the easiest learning technology solution I’ve ever implemented. We rolled it out to over 350 people over one weekend with virtually no glitches.”

Bill Brubaker, Vice President, Performance Development
Arizona Public Service Company

Make Your Communication More Effective
Than Ever Before.

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