Q MINDshare’s Knowledge Acceleration System

Give your company’s training effectiveness—and bottom line—a huge boost!

q helps your employees absorb and remember new information more quickly in just a few minutes each week. Your team will retain new information longer with greater understanding and gain the confidence to put it to use.

q.MINDshare’s Training Reinforcement Software includes:

  • Cut-Thru TechnologyTM — Noise-free delivery system cuts through the clutter to get 100% of your employees’ attention, 100% of the time.
  • Knowledge Acceleration — q applies proven neuroscience and a proven methodology to dramatically improve the consistency and accuracy of sales and service delivery.
Increase Sales and Improve Service

Increase Sales and Improve Service

  • q for Sales & Marketing — Improved consistency in what reps say, do and know translates to better execution and results.
  • q for Customer Service — Get your front line on the same page with important changes for more predictable service delivery. Deliver directly to workstations without negatively impacting service levels.
  • q for Consultants — Improve change management success with better employee alignment and leadership development. Get more effective “buy-in.”
  • q for Training & Development — Deliver preinforcement, reinforcement and knowledge measurement into all of your important programs.

“Email and portals don’t get the level of field engagement we have with q. Over 95 percent of our sales force completes their q activity every week.”

Mitch M., Vice President/Customer Program Manager
Global Leader in Broadband Technology for Cable Industry

Make Your Communication More Effective
Than Ever Before.

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