IPG Case Study

q.MINDshare Helps IPG Sales Reps Move Customers Through the Buying Cycle

Packaging industry leader Intertape Polymer Group® (IPG®) made a significant investment in its “sales playbook,” which was built using SAVO’s sales enablement platform. q.MINDshare is the company’s playbook reinforcement strategy, driving outstanding results by keeping best practices and important product knowledge top-of-mind with sales teams. Prior to q, baseline knowledge retention with IPG’s sales organization was less than 70 percent. With q, it’s 96 percent.

  • "q.MINDshare takes our sales team performance to a whole new level. Our reps are more effective in moving customers and channel partners through buying cycles, positively impacting our revenue and improving the way we do business. q is a must-have for any sales enablement initiative."

    James Apap Bologna
    James Apap Bologna Intertape Polymer Group (IPG)


Each quarter, marketing partners with sales enablement to stage and deliver a weekly review session to North American sales reps and managers. These brief reviews are delivered every Wednesday and include tips, videos and interactive questions. Sometimes questions focus on proper use of the sales playbook. Other times, q quizzes the sales staff on specific product knowledge, markets and use cases.

Each mini-test includes links to relevant playbook resources to continuously remind reps of the tools they can use on sales calls. Incorrectly answered questions create a “learning moment.” q immediately provides feedback in context so individuals learn the correct answer and why. More importantly, q adds a missed question back into the redelivery queue to be sent to the sales rep until it’s answered correctly. Each time a question is properly answered, the improvement in knowledge retention is recorded, giving IPG management feedback on mastery of the material and providing insights into coaching opportunities for areas most at risk.

IPG successfully interweaves sales enablement with q’s knowledge reinforcement and change management capabilities. With a better understanding of the resources available on SAVO and how to leverage them, and with greater product knowledge, IPG’s sales reps are more effective in moving customers and channel partners through buying cycles. Furthermore, marketing’s investment in SAVO is easier to justify since sales teams are actually using the system effectively.

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