q is a direct line to your employees in a sea of corporate noise, delivering the right information to the right employees, at the right time, on the right device.

Unlike email and portals that are easily ignored, or webinars that overwhelm, q delivers important information—in the form of interactive questions, quizzes, tips, videos or banners—directly to your employees’ desktops and mobile devices in a way that gets noticed and requires just minutes to review.

How Q Works - Tips

During each session, reps review tips and answer interactive questions. If reps answer a question incorrectly, they get instant feedback to learn more about the correct response. q then customizes future review sessions based on each rep’s knowledge gaps, giving reps repeated views of that material until it is mastered.

Management Reports Track Rep/Team Progress

Management reports track rep/team progress, alignment gaps and knowledge improvement over time.

“q.MINDshare is a potent learning product worthy of our admiration.”

William Thalheimer, Ph.D.
Learning & Performance Researcher

Make Your Communication More Effective
Than Ever Before.

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