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A message from Eric Blumthal, count5 co-founder and CEO

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  • It’s how we teach our children their ABC’s, Vocabulary Words and Multiplication Tables.
  • It’s how people learn new languages and skills
  • It’s how Law and Med School students study for their big exams
  • It’s also how I became #1 sales rep for an enterprise software company

Learning is most effective when it includes reinforcement

Flash cards provide an easy spaced reinforcement strategy that accelerates learning and that minimizes forgetting. Learning experts since the 19th century recognize the advantages when retrieval practice and reinforcement is applied to learning. Even top athletes know they can’t perform at the top of their game without repetition and practice.

Despite the evidence, most companies don’t have a formal reinforcement strategy for workplace learning. After training, employees go back to the noise of their jobs and forget over 50% of what they need to know, wasting millions of dollars in resources while squandering thousands of performance improvement opportunities!

Enter the q.MINDshare Platform (q)

q is like flashcards for training reinforcement. Except instead of flash cards, q pushes a few interactive questions to employee mobile devices and PC’s on things each employee should already know. If the user knows it, great – move on with your day. If the user answers incorrectly, instant feedback teaches more about the correct answer. q then schedules re-delivery of each question missed so every user gets individualized reinforcement until they master each concept.

On-the-job training reinforcement accelerates ROI

q makes important information top-of-mind while employees are on-the-job, accelerating training application. Companies have been using Six Sigma for decades to eliminate process variability; q is like Six Sigma for the brain, eliminating knowledge variance in your workforce and accelerating performance consistency.

If you can measure it, you can manage it.

q measures progress and knowledge retention by employee, role, region and team so you know, rather than hope, how well your people get it so opportunities and risks are quickly identified and resolved.

q is easy to deploy, easy to use, secure and scalable. We’ve been doing this since 2005 and will teach you best practices and lessons learned over the years.

I encourage you to give q a chance with your sales, service, leadership and other customer-facing employees. Contact us so we can learn more about each other.

Thank you again for your visiting our site.

Eric G. Blumthal, co-founder & CEO

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