q.MINDshareTM Disrupts the Forgetting Curve Associated with Employee Training.

q.MINDshareTM (“q”) is a microlearning and microassessment tool specifically designed to disrupt the forgetting curve associated with employee training. That means more employees remember more training than before, helping you deliver faster, more predictable performance outcomes to the business.

q makes important changes in product, strategy and process top-of-mind, improving learner confidence and driving accelerated success of key initiatives.

Email, Portals and PowerPoint®

Email, Portals and PowerPoint Just Don’t Cut It.

Information overload hinders employee performance. q’s noise-free delivery system cuts through the clutter to get 100% of your employees’ attention, 100% of the time, delivering your priorities one spoonful at a time.

Hope is not a strategy.

What gets measured gets managed, and q replaces hope with real-time metrics so you know, rather than hope, your employees are aligned with your priorities—giving your sales and service teams a competitive edge and giving your enterprise a rapid ROI.

q for Sales and Marketing
Improve Revenue by Driving Rep Consistency and Confidence
q for Customer Service
Improve Quality and Consistency of Service Delivery
q for Learning and Development
Increase Knowledge Retention and Measure Training Results
q for Consultants
Accelerate Employee Alignment with Change Initiatives

Who’s Using q?

Here are just a few organizations using q.MINDshare to power their sales and service teams:

Easy to Deploy and Pilot.
No Employee Training Required.

q.MINDshare is the easiest learning technology solution I ever implemented. We rolled it out to over 350 people over one weekend with virtually no technology glitches.”

Bill Brubaker, Vice President Performance Development
Arizona Public Service Company

Make Your Training More Effective Than Ever Before.

Contact us and we’ll demonstrate q’s proven success with you one-on-one.

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